Industrial Filtration

Mini-Pleat Filters

Employed in HVAC systems and industrial air filtration systems for the removal of airborne particles, dust, and allergens. Pleated Filters offer high filtration efficiency and long service life, making them suitable for demanding industrial environments. 

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Custom Sizing

Our custom-sized industrial filters offer tailored filtration solutions, precisely designed to fit your unique requirements. 

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Featured Applications


Removal of airborne contaminants, dust, and fumes generated during production processes such as welding, cutting, and machining

Chemical Processing

Controlling emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous gases, and chemical fumes generated during production, storage, and handling of chemicals and solvents

Food & Beverage

Maintaining sanitary conditions, controlling airborne contaminants, and preventing cross-contamination in food processing facilities, packaging areas, and storage warehouses