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                             It Is Your Responsibility to Provide Them the Best Environment                                  Today, 76 million school children and 6 million teachers are walking into approximately 150,000 school buildings every day- at least 50% of these schools have been exposed with indoor air quality problems. Also, the rates of Asthma has doubled since the 1990s. Many schools and parents find it challenging to provide clean air to our children due to inadequate ventilation system. With our experience and in-depth knowledge in air filters, Florence Filter can provide clean air that can filter out bacteria, viruses, traffic pollution, human body odor, dust, chemicals, and many more. Our air filtration products are cost effective, and can be easily implemented. Our products are able to reduce the amount of air pollution exposure for children by up to 95%. Relying on nearly 50 years of excellence in air filtration will improve everyone's life.