Production Manager

Compton, United States

Florence Filter is seeking a production manager to lead our production team to success!! As our company grows we need someone sharp to ensure orders go out to our customers early or on time. You’ll also be in charge of machinery, inventory, manufacturing, facilities management, and operations. You’ll work closely with other managers and the president of the company.

Typical Hours: Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 4:30pm

Benefits: Competitive Salary, Paid Holidays, Medical & Dental Plans Available, PTO & Sick Days, IRA Retirement Plan, Direct Deposit

Experience/Requirements: Minimum 2 Years of Management Experience in Production/Manufacturing Environment, 2 Years Experience with Machinery and Equipment, CNC

Experience with spreadsheets (ie: Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice, LibreOffice). Facilities management is highly desired.

Compensation: Salary $45,000/yr - $60,000/yr DOE, Paid Bi-weekly

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering OR Manufacturing is a huge plus and may add eligibility for higher pay.

Language: English & Spanish - Bilingual Required

About Us: Florence Filter manufactures and distributes air filtration products to help keep the air we breathe clean. Our air filters are present in air conditioners and heating units in hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and schools. We have been the industry leader in providing high quality products and services to our customers for over 45 years.

Company Size:

30+ people

Company Growth Target:

50% YoY

Company Maturity:

Profitable & Established


Healthcare, dental, life insurance, Health Savings Account (HSA)


Vacation, Sick, and Paid leaves

Auto Reimbursement

Reimbursement for customer field calls

Prime location

Only a couple blocks from Blue Line Metro, near 405/110/91/710 Freeway

Sponsored Events

Monthly Happy Hour, Summer BBQs, Monthly Birthday Celebrations, Annual Thanksgiving and Year End Events.

Sport Activity

Corporate Softball League